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Free University of Los Angeles

(this project is independent from Flor Y Canto)

Flor y Canto

We will have our own schools that are not designed to re-produce ignorance, obedience, helpless docility, fear, and hate

A series of talks is intended for ALL NON-AUTHORITARIAN people of Los Angeles who would like to learn and discuss some of the most significant instances, movements, theories, and languages of liberation. Most importantly, the presenters will try to discuss how they are applying these lessons into their own actions toward liberation.

Currently, we are as alienated as our city! It’s time for us to come together and introduce ourselves to one another

We will discuss

sources inspiration


how do we understand the world around us


what to do about it


The point of the university is to provide a space for various non-authoritarian people of LA to explain/share/discuss/etc the roots of their inspirations; and then explain how some of those ideas are being applied into their existing ideas and actions.

For example, if it was learning about the Chinese peasant rebellions that initially motivated you to start a community garden project, then it would be great if you could come and talk to us about (1) the Peasant Rebellions that you know about, (2) what you found to be the most inspiring/enlightening elements of it (here you will have a chance to more explicitly express your current way of seeing the world), and (3) how that inspiration is translated into the way in which you go about building the gardens. (This is only an example of one of the ways in which this can be done. The actual presentations are completely up the speakers.)

Generally, the topics will be presented by people who use the presented ideas and lessons in their own actions. In addition to being educational, this will also give the presenters and the people of our communities the much-needed opportunity to get to know one another, build links, participate in mutual aid, and fight against the alienation of our city.


What you can do to help:


1) find speakers/presenters or give a lecture yourself.

2) promotion, if you do radio or know someone tell them to announce L. A. Free University. Download our flyer and post it in your work place or school.

If you can help us or know anyone who might want to help/participate, please contact us as soon as possible.

Each session is going to be run by the speakers of that session! Since we know very little about one another, and we hope to communicate to as large group as possible, then it should probably be an introduction to your subject. At the end of the session if the people want to get into the topic in any more depth, then, on the spot, they can agree to meet again, start a study group, hopefully even branching out to turn this into a multiplicity of popular education schools.

The location of the particular talks will be up to the speakers for that week, however, if they don't have a space or don't care, we can provide a space.


  Upcoming Sessions


aberration is power

A discussion on the ways in which institutions have been using discipline and normalization as tools to mold the individual into docile and manageable bodies. The primary target of control is no longer just our body but also, if not primarily, our 'soul' ...

Saturday July 24th 2004

6 PM

Flor y Canto

3706 N. Figueroa Avenue

Los Angeles, Ca. 90065

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L. A. Riots



the Collective Liberation of Desire: an introduction

A short introduction to Anti-Oedipus and an overview of Deluze and Guattari's concept of revolutionary desire as it relates to political collectivity and the dynamics of group formations.

Saturday July 31st 2004

6 PM

Flor y Canto

3706 N. Figueroa Avenue

Los Angeles, Ca. 90065

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