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Farewell Los Angeles...

we were at:
3706 N.Figueroa Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90065

In NortheastLA

Hours were:

August 2001-September 2005

We were all volunteers, sometimes the hours
 changed unexpectedly, you shoulda called ahead!


This was our temporary mission statement that ended up being our only one: Flor y Canto is a not-for-profit community center & radical bookstore run entirely by volunteers. We intend to create a social space that promotes the self-development & self-sufficiency of our diverse, multi-ethnic community of North East L.A. We provide access to resources, services, cultural and educational activities that enhance our social lives. We want to encourage a dialogue between residents that aims for the sharing of ideas and skills that will propel the people of L.A. towards a more cooperative, non-coercive, and self-sufficient future.

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